First DJ iPhone app lets you mix beats without listening to them.

If we applied Moore’s law to the art of DJing, we would probably get something like Amidio’s Touch DJ app. Gone are the software DJ’s who replaced the original vinyl DJ’s. Now you can spin beats on your iPhone or iPod touch without listening to them. Wait, what?

Touch DJ utilizes a innovative new method of mixing that they call visual mixing. Essentially, the app displays the waveforms of the two tracks side by side, and separates the bass pulses from the rest of the track. This way, you can see where the beat lands and sync your songs without having to hear them beforehand.

You get everything else you would want from DJ software, live sampling, looping, pitch bending, tempo control, etc. It has a separate MP3 / M4A library from iTunes, meaning you have to import your tracks into the app before you can use them. But Touch DJ equally sets the volume level across each of them based on RMS power. It’s available now from the iTunes store.