Powered cooler to replace ice at picnics – and you ask why there's an energy crisis

Here’s the thing. I appreciate innovation. This rechargable portable refrigerator looks handy. Handy if you live in a world without ice. I mean really now: there is more water than anything else in the world, and you possess the means to freeze it in your very own home. Once you decide that you’d rather use up about a gazillawatt of energy to keep a couple drinks cold rather than reach into get your hand cold for one second, then you’ve gone too far.

It’s like buying a rechargeable shirt that pushes your chest in and out. Why not just breathe?

Yes yes, that’s all well and good, but where do I buy this miracle of refrigeration, you ask? Apparently at Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is the Beyond part, I’m guessing. Oh, and it costs $450. MM-HM! It’s no more than you deserve.

[via Crave]