Roccat's new USB hub looks like it wants to sting you

Would you make a monitor that had a fake arm sticking out of it, brandishing a knife at the viewer? I would, too, but we would never sell any because people find that sort of thing scary. I don’t know why. But whatever the reason, it’s the same as why they’d be afraid of this Apuri USB hub from Roccat. It looks like a tripodal scorpion ready to thrust its barb into your hand should you attempt to unplug that thumbdrive.

I try to make my computer look as menacing as possible, so guests aren’t tempted to tamper with it, so I might have to get one of these. The sting is actually for your mouse cord to travel over, so it doesn’t drag all over your desk, catching pens and flinging them down for your pet to gnaw on. I can’t overstate how skeptical I am of that feature working as advertised (though I’d love to be surprised), and besides, if you’ve got enough cord between it and the mouse to let it move freely, wouldn’t that necessitate the hub being rather far back on your desk?

Well, it looks cool, at least. If it seems like the kind of thing you’d like, pick one up here for $57. Yeah, kind of steep for a USB hub, but everyone loves a freaky looking gadget, right? Well, you and I do.


Oh, I know now. It reminds me of that thing.

[via Red Ferret]