Tekken 6 update should improve online playability


You’ll find that opinions vary with respect to Tekken 6‘s netcode. I didn’t run into too many problems, but others certainly have. What are you going to do, right? Come November 26, you can, I don’t know, apply the update that will hopefully clear up some of those glitches. So that’s what you can do.

Namco (I’m not typing Namco Bandai more than once) will push the update in two days, and it will do a number of things to help alleviate any online issues you run into. For one, the game will better optimize your opponents based on location, ping, etc. to hopefully find a better match. The strength signal bars have been tweaked, making them a little more accurate. Oh, and “The fight data will be optimized in order to reduce the bandwidth load on the host’s console.”

So it sounds like it may help y’all.

You know what may also help, fellow Xbox 360 players? Smashing the controller against the wall, then buying either one of those MadCatz controllers or a full-on arcade stick. The standard Xbox 360 controller is rubbish at the game.

In other Tekken 6 news, the PSP version of the game is out today. I know nothing about it, but I can’t imagine the PSP being too wieldy when playing a fast paced fighting game.