Apple opens up iTunes LP to you and me

So I made a big deal about the supposed $10,000 premium Apple was charging to make an iTunes LP. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case, and Apple responded to the controversy by saying “Hey buddy, we’re going to be releasing all this stuff for free in a little bit anyway. Chill out.” Or something like that. Well, two months later, they’ve done it: you can now roll your own iTunes LP or Extras, and it costs no more than a click.

It looks remarkably straightforward and there’s no flimflam to be found on the iTunes LP for Developers page, so I think that it really is what it looks like. They’ve included some templates and design guidelines as well, and you better stick to them; Apple will be scrutinizing all submissions, and once it really opens up in Q1 2010, you better be ready for as long a wait as if it were an app.

[via Gizmodo]