Kindle outsells everything else on Amazon


Amazon is mighty proud of its Kindle. So much so that the retailer outed a press release proclaiming that the Kindle is the best selling device on and even pre-Cyber Monday, November was its best selling month so far. Nook what?

It’s too bad that we have to take Amazon’s word though. The company still hasn’t released any hard sales numbers for the device and probably won’t anytime soon. But if this press release is true, and there really isn’t any reason to doubt it, the Kindle outsold the iPod touch, Sarah Palin and Dan Brown’s books, and everything else. That’s impressive.

Kindle Breaks Record for Sales in a Single Month During November

Kindle is the Hottest Gift This Holiday Season Across All Amazon Product Categories–Not Just Electronics SEATTLE, Nov 30, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) —, Inc. (AMZN 133.00, +1.26, +0.96%) today announced that November is already the best sales month ever for Kindle, even before Cyber Monday. Kindle continues to be the most wished for, the most gifted, and the #1 bestselling product across all product categories on Amazon. The latest generation Kindle — just released in October — is $259 and available for immediate shipment today at

“Kindle is a great gift for anyone who loves to read and it’s flying off the shelves faster than any other product Amazon sells,” said Ian Freed, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “We’re seeing lots of people buying from one to a handful of Kindles as gifts for friends or family, as well as many businesses and other organizations buying Kindles in large quantities for their employees or customers.”

Kindle is the revolutionary portable reader that wirelessly downloads books, magazines, newspapers and personal documents to a crisp, high-resolution 6-inch electronic ink display that looks and reads like real paper. Kindle utilizes the same 3G wireless technology as advanced cell phones, so users never need to hunt for a Wi-Fi hotspot. The latest generation Kindle with Global Wireless enables readers to wirelessly download content in over 100 countries and territories.