UK's The Sun newspaper beats Apple to news-friendly tablet

thesun[UK] If the rumours prove true then Apple is on the verge of releasing its own Internet tablet – and a big part of its appeal will be news consumption. Some have even proclaimed that the device could save the newspaper industry. That’s bound to be music to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s ears, but one of his many media outlets, the UK’s The Sun newspaper, may have beaten Apple to the punch.

Described as the “must have handheld accessory of 2009”, the device features a 26 inch full panoramic colour ‘screen’ and 3D photo realistic graphics. No squinting at pages. No need to turn the device on its side for better reading. Sharing content is also possible, and to add to the fun factor, there’s 7 built in pen-friendly games. But perhaps best of all there’s “no waiting for downloads” in order to get your daily news fix either. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Check out the video promo after the jump.

(Hat tip: The Media Blog)