Verizon will push software updates to the Samsung Intensity and Trance beginning tomorrow

Samsung Trance Intensity

If you’re one of the 600,000 people who bought a Samsung Intensity (SCH U-490) or Samsung Trance (SCH U-450): good news! You’ve got an over-the-air update coming your way. One of our sources just came through with the patch notes for both handset’s respective updates, which are scheduled to begin as early as tomorrow.

There’s nothing too major on the update list here, so don’t expect to wake up to find your phone magically jam-packed with new features. With that said, a few of the soon-to-be-fixed bugs sound pretty annoying – so at worst, consider it a bit of polish.

Find the change lists after the jump:

Samsung SCH u-450

1. Audio gain level tweaked for better performance
2. Scrolling in the web browser no longer generates beeps if the device is in silent or vibrate mobe
3. Mobile IM navigation tweaked so that d-pad input now works as expected in landscape mode
4. Alarm clock notification no longer suspends MMS uploads
5. No more device interrupts when device is in emergency mode
6. Applications opened via smart links will now close properly when asked to from the UI
7. Keypad backlight now lights up when coming out of power save mode, which helps the user be able to unlock the device
8. Spelling errors in UI fixed
9. Urgent voicemails now get a blinking icon
10. Windows Live icon updated
11. A bug seen in landscape mode when replying to a call with a text where the letter E was not working has been fixed

Samsung SCH u-490

1. MMS now properly supports Reply with Copy
2. Several UI software enhancements were made to the way the device handles interruptions when running applications
3. SVG images now supported
4. Bug with how SMSs are handled when out of service area fixed
5. Bug with improper handling of “-“ character in SMS has been fixed

[Thanks, Tipster!]