Want a free PSP? Join the Royal Navy!


What a coup for Sony’s marketing men. The Royal Navy will be handing out PSPs to its sailors so that they can brush up on their maths and whatnot. The PSP was selected because it’ll work wonders in the closed, confined spaces of Navy quarters.

The PSPs will be pre-loaded with specialized coursework (slides and the likeā€¦ it’s shocking how much of college consists of reading PowerPoint slides projected onto a white wall), so that, instead of knocking about while not actually inside a classroom, sailors can stick to their work.

The program is being trialed (is that a verb? It is now.) with engineering students first, being that they’re a bit rubbish, failing classes and whatnot.

And here’s some silly joke about the men spending their time playing, I don’t know, Tekken 6 on the PSP instead of reading up on functions and Nelson.

via Kotaku