HTC Hero unofficially upgraded to Android 2.1, ROM leaked

If you’re the owner of an HTC Hero, you’re probably pretty tired of waiting for the update treatment. While other handsets have been bumped up to Android v1.6 and others have hit the shelves with v2.0, you’re still stuck way back at v1.5. Well, the time to upgrade has come – as long as you’re down to do some hackery, that is.

The always incredible guys over at XDADevelopers have managed to get their hands on the 2.1 ROM, work out the kinks, and now have it up and running on all Hero’s that come looking for an upgrade. The process is a bit intense (Step 2 tells you to flash the radio, for example – know how to do that off the top of your head? Cause I sure don’t), but most of the steps can be worked out by spending a few minutes looking around XDADev. Don’t dive in until you’re ready – but once you are, it’s probably worth the jump.

[Thanks Dave!]