CrunchDeals: MSI X320 for $380

x320 If you’re keen on the whole low voltage ultraportable idea (bigger screens, slightly faster processors than standard netbooks) but you can’t quite stomach the $600+ price tag that accompanies most of those systems, you may be happy to hear that is blowing the MSI X320 right the hell out.

Now to be fair, this is basically a netbook in an ultraportable’s body. You get a big 13.4-inch screen and decently-sized keyboard along with a 2.8-pound weight and a thickness of just 0.79 inches, although the innards include an older Atom Z530 CPU, dumpy GMA 500 graphics, and Windows Vista Home Premium.

Full specs:

  • Intel Atom Z530 CPU at 1.6GHz
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 320 GB hard drive
  • 13.4-inch LCD at 1366×768
  • Intel GMA 500 graphics
  • Draft-N wireless, Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • Webcam, card reader, VGA out, 3 USB ports
  • Weighs 2.86 pounds, 0.79 inches thick

MSI Microstar X-Slim 13.4-inch X320-037US [ via FatWallet]