InfoDome Launches Simple Platform To Create Online Databases

Startup InfoDome has recently launched to help small and medium-sized businesses develop online databases easily and painlessly. True Ventures backed-InfoDome lets users create online databases by scratch or by using the startup’s customized templates.

Users can import data from Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, FilemakerPro, Word and other applications. The browser-based platform lets administrators share forms and reports with specific users and features easy to use drag and drop tools to create forms and reports.

Under development for two years, InfoDome hopes to be a cheaper and easier to use version of Microsoft Access. Pricing will be subscription-based, with a free plan for limited use and feature-rich paid plans starting at $20/month. There is certainly a need for cost-effective data base solutions and IndoDome provides a compelling platform that requires limited input of resources. InfoDome will face competition from startups with similar ambitions including, Trackvia, Blist, and DabbleDB.