NEC's new green monitors run cool, save energy

If you’re worried about the amount of energy your monitor is drawing, you’re probably nuts, since your PC draws ten times that, but if you must indulge your inner environmentalist, this line of displays from NEC should suffice. They’re LED-backlit, which I suspect accounts for all the savings. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

The LED backlighting reduces heat on this 22″ LCD and it consumes considerably less power as well. LEDs will do that, NEC; I don’t think you get to claim it as some sort of accomplishment of your own.

LED backlighting technology enables the NEC MultiSync EA222WMe to provide the same amount of brightness as other panel types while using 20% less power. Compared to previous generation NEC LCDs, the EA222WMe consumes up to 52% less power, radiates up to 61% less heat, weighs up to 25% less and uses up to 15% less packaging.

Is it 20% less power or 52% less power? Make up your mind, NEC!

I would recommend the monitor except for the fact that its resolution is only 1680×1050. Add one more inch and you can get full HD on there. Of course, those ones aren’t LED-lit. Well, you can’t have everything.

[via SlashGear]