Wham: FlipShare video is handled by Mossberg


If you’ve been waiting for some way to put your low- to middling-resolution videos onto a big TV, your prayers have been answered. Flip, through their mouthpiece Walt Mossberg, just dumped out a big bucket of howsyerfather and announced the Flipshare for all to enjoy.

Not much has changed since we spotted this device in October. It’s not even live on the Flip site yet so it’s abundantly clear that the WSJ servers jumped the gun on posting.

The device will cost $150 and plugs into an HDMI or component video input. It streams videos wirelessly thanks to a white wireless dongle and includes a remote. The device can share Flip video files with ease, other files not so much.

Does the world need another specialized streaming device? With Roku boxen working so well and especially with channels enabled, the Flipshare makes sense if you’re totally into your Flip. Our original hope was that this thing would stream everything to everyone. It won’t.

Oh well, at least we can still use their cameras to film the moments of our lives.