Animated musical Star Trek lamp

78088 Ah, perfect. Use your Star Trek cologne to woo the ladies and then wow the ones you bring home with this $100 Star Trek bedside lamp from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Pop open a couple of juice boxes, light some candles, and then fire up the old lamp to let Shatner’s voice and the Star Trek theme accompany all 2-3 minutes of awkward, lanky lovemaking.

Per the product description:

This is the lamp that plays the iconic Star Trek theme song, including the entirety of the famous prologue: “Space… the final frontier…” spoken by William Shatner. As the music plays, an 8″ die-cast replica of the Starship Enterprise rotates on the the base of the lamp. The Starship Enterprise has authentic details like Bussard intake collectors and a sensor array platform that are illuminated by four color-changing LEDs. The shade has an image of the NCC-1701 flying at warp speed through the Final Frontier.

Set phasers to FUN!

The Animated Musical Starship Enterprise Lamp [Hammacher Schlemmer]