Did this guy just ‘beat’ World of Warcraft? (Answer: No.)


Does getting every achievement in World of Warcraft mean you’ve “beaten” the game? I wouldn’t say so, but that seems to be the meme going around, with word that a man in Taiwan has ticked off all but one achievements in the game.

The character, Small Gray (according to Google Translate), has 986 of the game’s achievements. There are 986 achievements in the game, but sharper eyes than mine have noticed that he only got to magic number 986 via a glitch. He’s actually missing one achievement called “BB King,” but he glitched the game to give him one, unearned achievement.

The bottom line is, the guy has 986 out of 986. Good for him.

The beauty of this is that a new patch, Patch 3.3, comes out in the next few days, so he’ll have a whole bunch of new achievements to attain.

More importantly than any of this: achievements are dumb. I don’t care for them, no sir.