New Micron SSDs fastest in the world – but for how long?

A friend of mine just asked me a few minutes ago whether she should spring for an SSD in her new laptop. No way, I told her — SSDs are improving far too quickly for a consumer to invest hundreds of dollars in something guaranteed to be superseded almost instantly. And lo and behold, almost as I was texting her, I noticed this post over at Giz about the newest Microns breaking speed records that were probably set within the last couple months.

I don’t want to downplay how awesome these drives are, but I’m guessing that they’ll be leapfrogged just as quickly as they’ve leapfrogged the last leader. The good news is all these improvements trickle down eventually, but the bad news is that the constant revision of the technology results in continuously high prices. Once this big R&D period is over (probably at least another year or so) you’ll see big price drops on drives that outperform today’s by huge margins.