Thanko announces not one but two USB-powered, heated slippers


It’s Thanko time again. The Tokyo-based company, famous for gadgets like the USB-powered boob warmer, the USB eye warmer or the USB gloves, is now offering not one [JP] but two [JP] USB-powered, heated slippers – just in time for winter. I can’t decide which one is uglier, but maybe you can.


First, we have the Hot Slippers (pictured above). They are available in brown or grey and get the power they need to keep your feet warm through the USB port of your computer (Windows or Mac OS will work). Price: $23 per pair.


Then there are the Hot Room Shoes. I am not really sure what the difference to the Hot Slippers is function-wise, as these shoes are supposed to keep your feet warm via USB power, too. Price: $23 (available in M or L).


Thanko already sells both versions on their Japanese website. As the company closed their English store recently, you’ll need to contact import specialists such as the Japan Trend Shop or Geek Stuff 4 U to get a pair.