The Freedom Tray: Made in America, used everywhere

I have written about gadgets and tech and whatnot for four long years now, but this is by far the greatest thing I have ever seen. It’s called the Freedom Tray, and it’s going to rock your world… with freedom. (Freedom haters need not apply.)

What is the Freedom Tray? Well, obviously, my fellow freedom-loving Americans, it’s a tray, one that’s “made in America [and] used everywhere.” You put things on the tray that scream “freedom!,” like big cups of beer, cheeseburgers, soda, and hot dogs. Hold the relish, Geroge Washingfreedom; let me get a side of freedom instead.

As the video shows, the Freedom Tray can be folded up in a moment’s notice—perhaps rain has come out of nowhere during your big Nascar tailgate party?

And don’t worry about putting too much freedom on the Freedom Tray, for it can hold up to 75 pounds of freedom! Think of how many double bacon cheeseburgers that can hold! Like, two!

Perhaps best of all, it looks like there will be accessories for the Freedom Tray in the future. Maybe it’ll be like the iPod: buying the iPod is just step one, but then there’s cases, docks, and more cases and docks for you to choose from.

This is just the beginning for Freedom Products. Soon, we’ll be writing our delinquent mortgage cheques with Freedom Pens, talking to debt collectors on Freedom Phones (or should that be Freedom Fones?), wearing size 58 Freedom Pants, and listening to the same four classic rock songs over and over again on our Freedom Radios.

Freedom is a dish best served… on the Freedom Tray.