Victor JVC Japan announces new Everio camcorders


It’s been a long time we heard about JVC updating their Everio brand of camcorders (back in July to be more exact). But the company today announced a total of three new models for the Japanese market. Expect all of these to go on sale outside this country sooner or later.

The GZ-MG980 [JP, pictured above] is the most powerful of the three new Everio devices. It features 10.7MP with 1.6″ CCD sensor, produces 720×480 resolution, and comes with an 80GB HDD, an SD/SDHC slot, 39x optical zoom (F1.8〜4.3), a USB port and a 2.7 LCD screen. Japanese street price: $690.


The GZ-MS230 [JP] basically has the same specs, but it features just 8GB of internal memory (price: $515).


And the GZ-MS210 [JP] just has two SD/SDHC slots but no internal memory. But sized at just 52×110×62mm and weighing only 230g (battery included), it’s the smallest version (price: $460).

Victor JVC started selling the new Everios today. The company hasn’t said anything yet about its international sales plans.