Convert a standard outlet to a USB outlet


If you’ve got a surplus of power outlets in your home, I guess you should probably convert one to a USB outlet. It can be done for less than $10 and apparently only takes about 30 minutes.

You’re literally plugging two Apple-esque mini USB chargers into a regular outlet and then hiding it all behind a wall plate but, hey, that can be our little secret.


Of course if you have $10 but you DON’T have 30 minutes, you could just buy the mini USB chargers and plug them into a standard outlet. But they’d be on the outside of the wall rather than behind it. That’s the difference right there.

People would come over and groan about you taking the easy way out, at which point you’d angrily ask them to leave. But then once you had time to think about it you’d realize that the only person you have to blame is yourself because, yes, you did indeed cut corners.

Outlets of the Future aka in-wall USB Charger [Instructables via SlashGear]