Nokia shows a sneak peak of the next Symbian


Symbian, as it currently exists, is tired. It’s not that it’s not functional, mind you – it’s just that the UI is such a hot mess that said functionality seems hidden. The next version of Symbian was shown of at Nokia’ Capital Market Day, and it looks like they may well be on the right track towards cleaning it up.

Key points from the presentation:

  • Nokia specifically mentions capacitive touchscreens (and multitouch!) a number of times . Nokia has held their ground with resistive screens for longer than pretty much anyone else, much to the dismay of touchscreen-typists everywhere.
  • Scrolling will be improved from 15FPS to 60FPS, which should make the whole thing seem a lot less clunky.
  • Improved browser experience
  • They’re trying to simplify things considerably, taking things that once took 8+ steps down to 2. Lets just hope that doesn’t mean they’re making a million shortcut widgets.

[Via EngadgetMobile]