Santa-Pain Brings The Cheer, Adds Holiday Tunes to I Am T-Pain


Considering that it’s still one of the App Store’s top grossing apps of all time, I Am T-Pain is pretty great. With that said, it’s not exactly something you’d want to pull out at your family Christmas party. Believe it or not, Grandma probably wont be impressed with the on-the-fly Auto-Tuning technology be it that you’re singing songs about strippers.

Making things a bit more family friendly while adding a bit of holiday cheer, Smule has just snuck a handful of festively themed tunes into the app’s catalog of songs.

The new songs are completely free, but Smule’s being pretty smart in the way that they’re listing them; rather than bunching them all up together, they’ve interspersed them amongst their premium songs. While the free songs are easily distinguished from the for-pay songs, it’s a pretty clever way of getting people to scan through everything Smule has to offer.

If nothing else, it’s great news for the lazy-but-still-festive. Door-to-door caroling is a pain; now you can just record it on your iPhone and, as an added bonus, you’ll sound like a totally awesome robot.

The new holiday tunes:

  • O Holy Night
  • Jingle Bells
  • The Twelve Days Of Christmas

You can find I am T-Pain in the app store here.