School estimates $1m to remove SETI@home software

i-want-to-believeOne overzealous IT worker. One school. One chance to run up your ratings on the SETI@Home scoreboard. Estimated cost to remove the software (according to the school): one… MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

A well-meaning IT worker decided that it’d be all right to install the SETI@Home client on the school computers. Sounds good in theory, but the school administrators certainly didn’t think so, and he promptly resigned. Of course, he installed the software back in 2000, if the report is to be believed (probably not). They are now pressing charges against the worker, and the school superintendent was quoted as telling a local newspaper that it would cost an estimated $1 million to fix the problem and remove the software. I say screw that, turn the computer club loose on the computers and promise them a trip to the Smithsonian or something. It’ll be done in an hour.

[via Neatorama]