Science sez Wi-Fi is totally safe, not likely to cause people illness


There’s been a few stories over the years about people being overly sensitive to Wi-Fi. It makes them sick and whatnot. There’s usually one reaction to such stories: bologna. (That’s not my reaction, mind you. If you’re sick, you’re sick. Who am I to call you a liar?) Well now! A series of studies, carried out by the UK Department of Health, say “there is no consistent evidence to date that exposure to radio waves from wireless networks adversely affects the health of the general population and that there is no reason why schools and others should not use Wi-Fi equipment.”

The Health Protection Agency over there found that Wi-Fi doesn’t emit any more radio waves than your average cellphone. The radio waves emitted by Wi-Fi are well within international guidelines.

In other words, Wi-Fi, at least from a controlled lab point of view, is totally safe.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the people complaining of Wi-Fi sensitivity are lying through their teeth, but that science seems to disagree with the premise.

Keep the blue flag flying high.