Sony will film the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D


Tomorrow is the big day, fellow football fans. That’s when FIFA announces the full brackets for next year’s World Cup, to be held in South Africa. Yes, there’s a tech angle here. Sony has said that it will film the entire tournament, from the very first kick-off until the final whistle of the final game in Johannesburg, with 3D cameras.

As you can imagine, this is the first time that the World Cup will be filmed in 3D. What that means to you, the average football fan, is still sorta hazy. Sony says that it will release a number of 3D-capable products (including TVs) before the tournament begins on June 11. Presumably we’ll see some of these products at CES in January.

In other football news, did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo does 3,000 sit-ups per day? The time commitment alone is impressive, never mind that he can actually do that many. (Yes, it’s a slow news day!)

Come on, USA! Win a game! That’s all I ask for.