The Epson PictureMate Show combines a digital photo frame and printer

The new Epson PictureMate Show could be the finest example of technical convergence that you will never use. It brings the two worlds of digital photography into one convenient device. Too bad that it will probably sit unused like most digital photo frames and 4 x 6 printers after the novelty wears off.

It seems like a nice little device though. The 7-inch, 16:9, 800×400 screen is nearly as large as the average digital photo frame and the 4 x 6 printer can spit out photos in just 37 seconds, which should be fast enough for everyone. Plus, there is 270MB of internal memory to store your photos, but of course it can read data off of USB flash drives, memory cards, and PictBridge devices too.

The $300 PictureMate Show is available now.