Wearable ContourHD cam gets lens kit and waterproof housing accessories

Contourhd_watercaseDevin recently reviewed the ContourHD 1080p, a wearable HD camcorder designed to be worn during activities that would cause other camcorders to self-destruct. One thing it couldn’t do, however, was go into the water (though it resisted some splashing). It’s not designed to be waterproof out of the box, which definitely could be a problem for divers, rafters, or other water-sport enthusiasts.

The makers were clearly aware of this shortcoming, and they’ve come out with a waterproof housing that will protect the camera to a depth of 10 meters. This will help the ContourHD reach the level of the more ruggedized sport camcorders, but keep in mind that the added layer of plastic will likely cause some distortion and chromatic aberration (which will be more noticeable on the 1080p version).

In addition to the waterproof housing, ContourHD also announced a lens kit today. The kit includes a replacement lens cover, and an adapter ring that allows you to attach 37mm filters to the camera, for when you need that ND or polarizer.