D’Egg: Egg-shaped speakers for $3,580


Here’s the right thing for all audio freaks out there who happen to be ready to shell out a lot of cash for a very unique product: Japan-based tech company BifrösTec (what a name) is selling egg-shaped speakers [JP] that are priced at $3,580 for a pair. The so-called D’Egg TGA-2R1 is sized at 140×140×235mm and weighs 2.6kg (including the stand that’s included in the price).

The 30W speakers feature 70Hz〜20kHz frequency response, 4Ω impedance and 80 dB/W/M sensitivity. BifrösTec says the price can be justified through the unique design of the speakers, the superior sound quality and the expensive material they’re made of (Kagami crystal glass).


The D’Egg TGA-2R1 went on sale in Japan today, but you can also go for the TGA-1W1 (pictured above) that’s the same as the crystal model function-wise (but made of ordinary plastic).


Another alternative is the TGA-1B1 in black. Both plastic models cost $1,200 per pair. Ask Geek Stuff 4 U or the Japan Trend Shop if they can ship a pair outside Japan in case you’re interested in one of the speakers.