We have invites for the Put.io cloud storage game changer

[Turkey] We recently previewed the upcoming put.io cloud storage service which fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately.

The service has created a lot of buzz, because it’s able to keep redundant copies of your files which you can access from anywhere with a browser, including files for the iPhone and PS3. These can be fetched automatically from bittorrent networks, FTPs, direct download links, Rapidshare links or basic http authenticated links. And you can stream your downloaded files instantly with an appropriate player. For example, Divx Web Player for DivX files. Cleary it has the potential to create something of a media storm. As one commenter on our last post put it “will probably make the RIAA and MPAA pop a blood vessel.” Yes, some may well use this to stream torrented movies. But of course, it’s perfectly possible to use the service for entirely legitimate means like storing videos of your family events. Welcome to the Internet. Imageshack (a US company) downloads torrents without apparent legal problems.

Putio has competitors like humyo.com and Binfire.com.

As we mentioned before, put.io will be launched as a paid service but during private beta they are free for some lucky TechCrunch readers. Yes, that’s right, we have 200 invites for put.io which are waiting for you to grab.

Just click “here” and you’ll be signed up and in.

They give souped-up beta tester accounts 50 GB storage and 150 GB bandwidth. Which is pretty good.

After private beta the service will be paid-for, so until then, you can enjoy and help put.io team with the improvements.

UPDATE: Due to a lot of demand Put.io has added 200 more invites so grab them before they are all gone.