So You Cheated. Now What?


Technology has made it easier than ever to get caught cheating. Tiger Woods may have been the latest to get caught with his text message and voicemail pants down but many celebs and non-celebs have gotten caught just by sending texts or posting messages on the wrong Facebook wall. All it takes is one snooping partner to completely blow up your whole cheating operation. Especially if the entire relationship takes place online via cell phone or computer, these two things in particular can be the smoking gun when it comes to being caught. How can a cheater continue to cheat, and not get caught by the very technology that allowed for cheating in the first place?

The Culprit: Facebook
Scenario 1: Facebook ruined your relationship thanks to incriminating photos

Facebook has become a common source of argument for couples. In the old days people could lie about their whereabouts and their bf/gf would never be the wiser. But now, thanks to Facebook, one tag and your true whereabouts could be revealed at any time. Besides just frantically detagging pictures from your mobile phone or computer, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you’re not caught red handed. 1. Don’t take photos at the bar! 2. Set your Facebook user settings to Private by going to Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile > Customize and choose that “Only Me” can see pictures tagged of yourself. This way, wifey won’t be able to search Facebook for incriminating photos in her spare time.

The Culprit: Caller ID
Scenario 2: You say you’re working late and your significant other tells you to call them from your work number… what to do?
Enter Spoofcard. This bad boy lets you change the way your number will show up on caller ID. Display your work line and your husband or wife might actually fall for the “I’m working late” excuse. Spoofcard was recently in the news when socialite and Publicity Director for Dolce & Gabbana Ali Wise was arrested for hacking into ex boyfriend’s and their new girlfriend’s voice mails using the Spoofcard. Probably wishing he had thought of this idea, Tiger Woods would probably prefer to face arrest rather than having that incriminating voicemail that he left so his mistress could play it on repeat nationwide.

The Culprit: GPS
Scenario 3: Your significant other tries to monitor your whereabouts with a GPS tracker
The same way Michael Strahan busted his wife cheating on him, more and more suspicious people are turning to GPS trackers. These devices are becoming smaller and oftentimes come in magnetic cases that can be slapped to the bottom of a car unbeknownst to the driver. If you think your boo is capable of tracking you, then you need a GPS and bug detector. These hand held toys let you find all bugs, cameras, and GPS trackers, no matter how hidden. Another way to protect yourself from those pesky GPS trackers is with an In-Car GPS Jammer. But beware, these GPS jammers may or may not be legal where you live.

The Culprit: Your Cell Phone
Scenario 4: Your wifey raids your phone AND e-mail and boom you’re busted

Leave your computer or phone in the open for a second and you may be subject to a full cavity search. That’s why you need to use anonymous text message and e-mail systems. A system like allows you to send and receive e-mails via an anonymous IP address. Raunchy e-mails won’t be tracked back to your computer so you will never be busted again. Like the anonymous e-mail server, there’s also an anonymous text message center called This system lets you send completely anonymous text messages that cannot be traced to your cell phone. So leave your computer or phone in the open, they got nothing on you!

The Culprit: The Infamous Jerry Springer Polygraph Test
Scenario 5: You used these tricks to keep your cheating discreet, but your significant other is still questioning you. If he or she subjects you to a polygraph test, you can beat it

First of all, if your bf/gf is making you take a polygraph, it’s time to reevaluate the relationship. Lie detectors are based off the assumption that if you’re lying you will probably freak out. Measuring nervousness as a sign of a lie, polygraph tests can be beat if you know how to skew the results. Experts recommend doing something mentally complex during the control questions like long division. Other methods include pressing down on a tack hidden in your shoe or biting your tongue to elicit a painful response. This way you will always seem like a high strung, nervous person whether the question is easy or hard. When the interviewer asks you a real question like “would you ever cheat?” it will look like the same level of stress as when he asked you the control question.

Unlike Tiger Woods, Jude Law, and the millions of others that have been busted thanks to their careless use of technology, hopefully these tips will let you lead your double life without interruption.

Guest columnist Lydia Leavitt writes about sex and, oddly enough, social media. For more information on the latest intimate technology, check out