Boxee and D-Link present the Boxee Box

We know Boxee. We like Boxee. And when we heard Boxee was planning on dropping some dedicated hardware, our hearts… well, maybe they leapt a little bit, but there was also some skepticism there. Part of the fun of Boxee has been its hardware-agnostic nature. Put it on your AppleTV, put it on your micro-PC, put it on your iPhone — whatever. Would dedicated hardware take away the fun?

Probably not, I just like to be a naysayer now and then. The Boxee Box looks pretty awesome.

There’s not much to say: it’s got inputs, outputs, and a cool “sinking ship” design. We have a parking lot here in Seattle that looks like that, and everybody hates it but me (I think). But enough about that. Here’s what the Boxee Box is sporting:

  • 1 HDMI Connector
  • 1 Optical Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Connector
  • Composite Audio Connectors
  • Ethernet Connector
  • 2 USB 2.0 Connectors
  • SD Card Slot

No word on the guts, but I’m sure they’re barebones while still supporting HD. I’m a little surprised they have composite audio but not composite video. Not that you need that so much, but it’s nice when you want to hook up an old TV or something. I don’t know. I’m just attached to those cables from my SNES days.

Basically it’s a little tiny HTPC: hook it up to your router, plug in a hard drive with some media on it (or let it access your home network) and you’re good to go. They haven’t settled on a price yet, but I’d put it at… oh, $100 or so just off the top of my head. Don’t hold me to it.