Just a reminder about the GPS in your car right now

Stop to think about this for a minute. Your GPS is on your car’s windshield and your garage-door opener is probably on your visor, right? You also probably have the Home location programmed as, well, your home. But what’s stopping someone from breaking into your car when you’re obviously not home and stealing both of them, which will not only give the crooks turn-by-turn directions to your house but also let them enjoy the privacy of your garage? Are you really trusting Paul Blart and mall security that much?

A pair in metro Detroit were just nabbed for using that very tactic. They are accused of stealing property from 17 cities in lower Michigan and one in Ohio. The 23-year olds were caught only after their pawn activity was flagged as suspicious.

You’re better off if you program your home as a local restaurant or major cross-street in the GPS, somewhere well out of range of a garage-door opener. Chances are you probably know how to get home from the local McDonalds anyway, right?