Sonorasaurus, dinosaur DJ of the Cretaceous Period. Now on your iPhone!

If we keep releasing iPhone DJ apps, we need to come up with a new moniker instead of “disc jockey.” But “file jockey” or MP3 spinner” just don’t roll off the tongue as easily. Sonorasaurus has just released version 1.1 of their iPod Touch/iPhone DJ app. You know, for those long road trips where just putting your iPod on shuffle isn’t enough.


Functionality wise, Sonorasaurus pulls its weight just fine. You get two standalone “decks”, 6 adjustable effects modules (Reverb, Flange, Distortion, Tremelo, Echo, High Pass Filter), a crossfader, pitch control, and a 3-band parametric EQ. New with the v1.1 update are user-definable cue points and a headphone mix. If you have a Y-splitter for your headphone jack, you’ll be able to have a separate monitor mix. Not as innovative / radical as Touch DJs visual mixing idea, but an important feature nonetheless.

My biggest gripe is the process needed to upload each song you want to use in the app. Instead of being able to mix any songs already on your iPhone, you get a unique HTTP server address to where you need to upload each file you want to mix. So it takes a bit of advance planning. And only MP3s people. No real file formats.

Sonorasaurus not only has the benefit of having a totally awesome name, its only 9.99 USD at the iApps Store.