Home-built Kodachrome machine – that's some serious DIY

Film lovers may be finding it hard to get their hands on their favorite brand of film. Film dealerships are getting fewer and fewer, and many types of film currently being manufactured aren’t compatible with old cameras. What’s a guy to do when his favorite color stock is extinct forever? How about make his own?

Putting film together isn’t as simple as brushing a photosensitive layer onto some plastic. There’s a whole science to doing it right, to say nothing of the chemical recipes necessary. The layers are micrometers thin and… well, there’s no use getting into the nitty gritty. If you wanted to build your own film-making machine, you’d have your nose in this kind of stuff all day long anyway. More details at the Flickr page.


It is a sweet-looking rig though, isn’t it? I’d like to have one even if it didn’t make workable film.