New device coming from Syabas, the makers of Popcorn Hour, at CES '10

syabapgaPopcorn Hour is a great product and loved by many nerds. But that’s just it, the device is somewhat nerdy. Apparently the maker, Syabas, has another Internet-connected device coming and it will be shown off at CES 2010. While certain key points are missing right now like the price, availability, and hardware specs, what little info I do have makes this box sound promising indeed.

  • Works with Netflix, Crunchyroll, MLB & more
  • Local network media metadata provided by IMDb and All Music Guide
  • New UI
  • Open application development platform
  • Facebook and Twitter access
  • 3rd party game and application support

So far everything is right on the money for a next-gen living room device. I just hope that the price is reasonable, the video codec support is extensive, and the remote has a QWERTY keypad on it. More info should be available at CES in a few weeks.