SushiDisk USB stick/cell phone strap


Tokyo-based  gadget maker Solid Alliance has given us quite a few cool/whacky USB drives in the past, and their new sushi USB stick [JP] is a nice addition to the line-up. The so-called SushiDisk offers 2GB of storage, but that’s not really the important selling point here, is it?


You can use the PVC devices with your Windows computer or Mac (USB 1.1 and 2.0 are supported). There are six different versions, all of which are pictured above and weigh between 15g and 19g. The SushiDisk also doubles as a cell phone strap, which is pretty fascinating.


Fans of sushi and bizarre gadgets living outside Japan can get the SushiDisk, too: Head over to Geek Stuff 4 U, and with a little luck you might get the thing before Christmas (price: between $44.58 and $54.10 plus shipping, depending on the sushi “flavor” you choose).