Buffalo announces world's first USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter


USB 3.0 is slowly advancing, and Japan-based computer accessory maker Buffalo emerges as the leading company in its space. After having announced the world’s first USB 3.0-powered Blu-ray burner just last month, they today unveiled the first ExpressCard adapter [JP] that’s based on USB 3.0. The IFC-EC2U3/UC works with Windows 7 and Vista (32bit and 34 bit). It’s also compatible to XP machines.

Buffalo explains that if your PC or digital camera has a USB 3.0 port, you’ll get 5Gbps as the top data transfer speed. If not, the ExpressCard/34 offers just 480Mbps. It features two USB 3.0 ports and is based off NEC’s USB 3.0 host controller.


Buffalo will start offering the ExpressCard in Japan from the end of this month (price: $60). The company does sell their products internationally but hasn’t announced any plans for distribution of this specific one outside Japan yet.