Good job, government: TSA manual leaked online, de-redacted very easily


Your friendly neighborhood CrunchGear writers have spent the past several minutes rifling through a de-redacted (un-redacted?) TSA handbook; Matt is going to print our hard copies and hand them out at his local farmer’s market. It was leaked somehow, and can be found all over the place. (I first found it on Cryptome, which is the go-to place for anything security-related.) Naturally, the authorities are freaking out, so get it while you can.

There’s a number of ways to look at this. One, our government is completely incompetent, letting something so sensitive as the TSA manual just leak onto the Internet. Two, what a terrible job of redacting. Putting a black box over the sensitive text, rather than, you know, the actual process of redacting the document.

The illusion of security, people! Take your shoes off! No toothpaste or hair gel! But your laptop is totally OK, despite the fact that it could be used as a pretty great blunt instrument.