Joby makes an iPhone app: the Gorillacam

Joby, makers of the various Gorilla accessories — the GorillaPod, the GorillaTorch, GorillaMobile, etc — have just unveiled their first iPhone app: the Gorillacam. The free app provides a number of features to improve the usefulness of the iPhone camera, including a grid for rule-of-thirds shots, making the entire touchscreen a shutter button, burst photo sequences, and much more.

Here’s the full press release:

Joby Launches Gorillacam, a Free Camera Self-Timer App for iPhone

Gorillacam extends the functionality of the iPhone’s camera and, together with Joby’s Gorillamobile iPhone stand, is the perfect solution for hands-free photo taking.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 9, 2009 – From the photography experts at Joby, creators of the award-winning Gorillapod line of flexible tripods and the Gorillamobile iPhone stand, comes the Gorillacam, a free, feature-packed camera application for the iPhone.

Designed to extend the iPhone’s native camera functionality, the Gorillacam adds many features that are unavailable in the basic camera application, including a self-timer, time-lapse, and continuous rapid-fire shooting.

The Gorillacam’s self-timer function allows the user to set a custom time delay, which is ideal for taking group photos or self-portraits. At last iPhone owners can get into their own photographs and become part of the memories.

The Gorillacam is the perfect complement to Joby’s popular Gorillamobile for 3G/3GS, an iPhone stand with flexible, wrappable legs that attach to virtually any surface, providing iPhone owners unmatched flexibility for taking photos, recording video, watching movies, or talking hands-free. The Gorillamobile attaches to the iPhone via a custom engineered protective iPhone 3G/3GS case. When used in conjunction with the Gorillacam app, it opens up a world of new possibilities for iPhone owners and encourages “iPhoneography”.

In addition to the self-timer, the Gorillacam allows for extremely fast, uninterrupted shots, up to 1.6 frames per second. Photos save automatically in the background allowing users to fire off a sequence of photos. Also built into Gorillacam is a time-lapse feature that can take multiple photos spaced at user-specified intervals as short as 1 second or as long as 2 minutes.

Additional capabilities include:

• Press anywhere – turns the entire screen into a shutter button.
• 3-Shot burst – takes three photographs in rapid succession. Never miss a second of the action. Plus, no more photos ruined when someone blinks!
• Grid overlay – compose more interesting shots with a rule of thirds guide. Also great for lining up landscapes or buildings.
• Bubble level – take level shots every time. Works in both vertical and horizontal modes, and is ideal for horizons or panoramas.
• Share – upload or share photos easily from within the Gorillacam.

The Gorillacam is available for free in the iPhone App Store.

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Joby creates well designed product solutions that enhance the creative and active capabilities of consumer electronics. The Company revolutionized the camera accessories market in early 2006 with its Gorillapod line of flexible tripods and continues to redefine the consumer electronics market with its Gorillamobile and Gorillatorch product lines. Founded in 2005, Joby is a privately-held company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with offices in Santa Cruz, CA; Geneva, Switzerland; Singapore and Shenzhen, China. For more information about Joby please visit