Microsoft Germany: Sprechen nicht von Apple! (updated)

carlesstalkMicrosoft’s PR folks in Germany have officially asked journalists not to use or talk about Apple products during their events. Why? Because one journo said his iPhone kicked ass.

9to5 has a translation of the German story which essentially amounts to a Microsoft asking a journalist not to use his Apple products at an event.

“While at a Windows Mobile 6.5 demonstration in Munich, Germany a journalist was warned by a Microsoft spokesman not to mention or use Apple products…since it was a Microsoft event the journalist had previously told everyone that he had never owned an easier to use cell phone than the iPhone.”

This comes on top of some shots at another secret Microsoft event in Seattle of all the journos lined up using MacBooks. If you look closely you can see Sascha Segan from PC Mag using what looks like a Baby’s First Netbook and Vincent Nguyen next to him using a MBP.

[Update: It was a bad translation, apparently. Apple products are welcome at MS events.]