More details emerge about the Boxee Box

boxeebox1 (1)
Everyone, where everyone means Internet nerds, has been talking a lot about the Boxee Box the last few days. For good reason too. It brings the ultra-cool software to your living room in an official product. AppleTV hacking will soon not be required to use Boxee on your HDTV. But with all the talk recently, some points have been missing. No more, Andrew from Boxee just posted a bunch of info concerning the upcoming digital appliance.

IMG_3755-300x225The big surprise to me at least is the pic that shows just how small the box is. I guess I didn’t pay attention to the size verse the inputs on the back of the box. The Boxee Box is tiny. But of course Andrew goes on to detail who designed the sinking box look and explains the rest of the specs. Personally I can’t wait to give this thing a go. It might just turn out to be the solution many are looking for in order to kill their expensive cable subscription.