Oh my GOD it's Mega Man 10!

Sweet fancy Moses. Nintendo Power (naturally) has the scoop on Mega Man 10, the next old-school WiiWare game starting everyone’s favorite blue robot. I like how this breaks on the same day Yahtzee takes Nintendo to task for rehashing the same games over and over again — and a week after I criticized them for breaking news via their own propaganda machine. Hey, I’m disappointed with their level of creativity as well, but even Yahtzee will have to admit that these remakes are a hell of a lot of fun.

The full details will be revealed soon, but in the meantime you really just need to know that Mega Man 10 is happening, and one of the robot masters is called Sheep Man. Are they really that hard up for robot masters that they’re designing them after farm animals now? And the weapon you get is the Thunder Wool. Whatever, guys. Just keep the Mega Men coming.

Check out the preview page over at Nintendo Power.

[via 1up]