Old and busted: e-ink; New hotness: e-skin

E-ink is cool, sure, but it’s still largely a black-and-white technology. Philips Research has moved into the color realm with what they’re calling e-skin. “The first applications using the technology could be e-skins for small devices such as MP3 players or cell phones. However, the technology is highly scalable,” says Kars-Michiel Lenssen, Principal Scientist at Philips Research. The vision from Philips is an e-skin on your portable device that can be changed to match your outfit or your mood with the press of a button.

Philips’ technology allows different colors of ink to be built into one layer with each color controlled separately. This means the layer can be transparent, the same color as any one of the inks or even a mixture of multiple colors. Moreover, the saturation of each individual color can be controlled accurately – so any shade can be produced.

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