The McIntosh MXA60 celebrates 60 years of audio awesomeness

MXA60If I was suddenly to get John Biggs’ salary, I would dump a ton of money into McIntosh equipment. They are the best of the best in the audio world and the new compact MXA60 would fit perfectly in my bedroom. And bathroom. Yes, I would put a $7,500 audio system in my bathroom if I could and you would too.

mcintosh_minimac_2I first spied the integrated audio system way back at CEDIA ’08 when it didn’t even have a model number yet. But I was instantly in love with the somewhat small – but not mini – setup. It doesn’t seem much has changed since then though. It still packs a CD/SACD/MP3 player and is powered by a vacuum tube preamplifer.

Pictures don’t do it just either. The entire case is metal with aluminum accents and a backlit glass faceplate. The analog dials dance back and forth with musical grace. To be honest, I don’t get the whole analog tube thing, but all I know is that it sounds fantastic and looks even better. Me want.

BINGHAMTON, NY, December 9, 2009 — McIntosh Laboratory, a global leader in home entertainment that has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction for 60 years, today announced that its 60th Anniversary MXA60 Integrated Audio System (US MSRP: $7,500), the company’s first-ever standalone integrated audio system is now available. Designed by the same team of renowned McIntosh engineers who created the company’s high performance Reference System, this ultimate-quality tabletop system features a high-performance 75-watt-per-channel amplifier, state-of-the-art CD/SACD/MP3 player, vacuum tube preamplifier, as well as an AM/FM/RBDS Tuner and high performance, two-way bass reflex loudspeaker system that packs all the legendary McIntosh sound into a smaller package.

McIntosh President Charlie Randall noted: “Ever since we introduced the MXA60 earlier this year, we’ve been receiving a great deal of interest, both from our retail partners and from consumers. In many ways, this unique system truly represents what McIntosh has always been about. It combines our ongoing pursuit of audio perfection with our commitment to utilizing the latest, most advanced technologies in products that meet – and exceed – changing customer desires. The result is an audiophile-quality system that delivers on the time-honored McIntosh promise of superior sound, all in an easy-to-use, fully integrated and compact solution.”

Unmistakably McIntosh – Superior Craftsmanship, Audiophile Quality Sound
With its solid all-metal casework, anodized aluminum accents, backlit glass faceplates with Peak Reading Wattmeters and heirloom quality construction, everything about the new MXA60 is unmistakably McIntosh – reflecting the company’s 60 years as a leader in world-class luxury audio.

In addition to all the familiar and renowned McIntosh design themes, the MXA60 features the superior music reproduction technologies that have cemented the company’s singular reputation among audiophiles. The powerful 75-watt transistor-based amplifier features Sentry Monitor fuse-less short-circuit protection and Power Guard anti-clipping circuitry to ensure distortion-free performance and reliability. The preamp’s advanced hybrid transistor/tube design utilizes a dual triode tube design for the purest music reproduction capabilities.

The MXA60’s dual low-distortion loudspeakers create a rich soundscape perfect for enjoying ultimate quality audio performance in any sized room. The MXA60’s two-way loudspeakers were fashioned in the tradition of the revered mini-monitors of old, providing an astounding level of high-quality audio from a surprisingly compact package. To achieve their high level of performance, the speakers feature custom designed mid-woofers with a four-inch diameter and exhibit a deep, wide soundstage that presents the listener with an engaging, palpable sense of realism.