Bioware really went all-out for the Mass Effect 2 voice actors
Having famous people in games is nothing new, and really, one expects that such a huge effort as Mass Effect 2 will have some serious names in it, but this is off the charts. Martin Sheen, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tricia Helfer? I hope they didn’t use up their whole budget on voice talent. castI was kind of hoping for more than one kind of moon-dungeon this time around (Mass Effect notoriously reused some environments), but I guess I might have to be satisfied with hearing Caprica’s sultry voice guiding me to a safe landing.

That sounded pretty dirty… probably because her last role was a crypto-robotic sex addict.

Check out the video and see the rest of the talent. I’m really looking forward to this game — ME1 was great but I think it really only set us up for this one and the next.