Nook is getting it in the noots


Man, B&N can’t get a break. David Pogue, the only tech writer who still likes to cuddle, hates him the Nook. The device is unresponsive, the color touchscreen is dumb, and those “million books” the Nook offers? Most of them err janky Google scans.

His bottom line?

To use the technical term, it’s slower than an anesthetized slug in winter.

E-readers will be hitting more and more homes in the coming year. Barnes & Noble could have waited on this device for a few months, released something better, and everyone would have been happy. My suspicion is that they were so scared of the Apple Tablet that they wanted to get something out the door. However, people have been saying this thing is basically a 0.1 product at best and should have never shipped.

We wouldn’t know because B&N’s PR team won’t get back to us. So we’ll just say the Nook eats it and read some books on the Kindle by the fireside.