Porsche offering new li-ion battery for the new 911 and Boxster

porsche-liionSo you know that old lead acid battery in your car? It’s time to think about replacing it with something new. It never occurred to me, but it makes sense – why not replace that old technology with something a bit more efficient?

Lead-acid battery technology has been around since 1859. Admittedly, that makes it a tried and true technology, and li-ion batteries do have a reputation for being dangerous if abused. Porsche is willing to look at alternatives to lead-acid, and will be offering a li-ion battery in their Boxster Spyder and 911 GT3. The biggest advantage is weight. The li-ion battery pack weighs 22 pounds less then the lead-acid alternative. In the world of performance cars, that much dead weight is huge. This new technology won’t come cheap however; expect to pay $1,700 for this option.