Survey: Boys want to play video games with President Obama, girls with Miley Cyrus


Right now, if I could play a round of Multiplayer Game 2: The Sequel with anyone in the whole world, it’d probably be either Manuel Zelaya or The Situation from Jersey Shore. Zelaya because I’d could ask, “So what’s it like to be the first South American leader in a really long time to be illegally ousted in a coup?” Then I’d tell The Situation, “Hey, you’re terrific. Let’s do 800 sit-ups then pump our fists in the air to the latest episode of A State of Trance.”

What? Weekly Reader Research just published the results of a survey that found that boys aged 8-17 most want to play video games with President Obama. Second place is Tom Brady, followed by Seth Rogan, Michael Phelps and the Jonas Brothers.

For girls, the ranking is Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, President Obama, Lady Gaga, then Angelina Jolie.