CrunchGear meet-up: Seattle edition

Hey, CES credential checker! Thomas Wallis, Otto Cedeno, and Tommy Sullivan will be attending CES with us as camera crew. Please consider this page (I chose an inactive post) their “link to the organization.” E-mail devin at crunchgear dot com with questions.

(regular readers disregard the above)

Hey, fellow Seattleites — want to grab a beer? Thought so. A nice little Seattle meet-up has been a long time coming. We had that one McLeod Residence, but man, that was like a year ago. It’s time to get together again, and next Wednesday is looking good. And this time, we’re bringing friends. I’m the only CG guy coming, but a few of those other bloggers from Gizmodo, Crave, and TechFlash will be there, and there might even be a few giveaways.

We’ll be at Cyclops in Belltown on Wednesday, probably in the later evening but I’ll update next week with specifics. Note that this is an over-21 gathering! Sorry kids, next time I promise we’ll just do 40s in the park.

No need to RSVP, but check back on Tuesday to be sure of the timing and venue. Looking forward to seeing you guys.